For kids up to 10 years of age
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For kids up to 10 years of age

European Distance Education Secondary School is a school that unites Latvians around the world! Our school mission is to help children all over the world remember or learn the basics of Latvian, the cornerstone of our culture.

Latvian language classes will take place online, in small groups of up to 10 children who are peers and with a similar language level. The advantage of distance learning is that our educators will adapt to the free time and pace of learning of your children. The aim of our lessons is that your child learns Latvian through all 4 skills (writing, reading, speaking and listening). The training will take place in a fun and friendly online atmosphere, exercising different kinds of interactive tasks in a binding conversation with our qualified trainers.

  •     Duration of the learning cycle: 3.5 months
  •     Course Frequency: 1 weekly (total 15 contact classes)
  •     Length of the lesson: 40 minutes (children are unable to keep their concentration longer)
  •     Cost of the lesson: 12.50 EUR
  •     At the end of the course, the child will receive a certificate from the European Distance Education Secondary School for learning the Latvian language at a particular language level. The European Distance Education Secondary School is an accredited educational institution in the Republic of Latvia.
  •     Apply for learning all year round!

Skills to Learn:

  •     to learn a new language, you need to talk and find the interlocutors. This distance learning platform is a place where everyone has a goal to be a conversation partner from the moment they connect to eVide. In this way, speaking skills in the Latvian language will also improve;
  •     improve listening skills. Studies (eg Lipkin et al 1990, Ratte 1968) have shown that foreign language learners have a better ability to listen than one-language learners;
  •     By reading various texts that correspond to the level of the course, understanding of the Latvian language is deepened and at the same time the reading skills in Latvian are improving;
  •     literacy as an essential form and part of communication;
  •     learn communicative skills with other peers: children become more social and confident;
  •     learning any new foreign language also improves memory;
  •     will develop creativity: if you do not know a word, you should approach the situation creatively and find another way to express your thoughts. It's called thinking outside the box;
  •     promote understanding of Latvian cultural environment, traditions, people;
  •     will develop the skills to use the technologies for themselves.

Topics to be mastered: The topics of the lessons are selected by combining general topics about family, holidays, seasons, etc. with the nature of Latvia and the most beautiful places in Latvia. In each lesson, the student learns, among other things,  particular grammar.

Questions? Please contact us by writing to or by calling 28328834!

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