Beginner (no knowledge)
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Beginner (no knowledge)

Want to learn English?
No time to attend face-to-face lessons?
Your chance to learn English at your convenience, in place-distance learning!

What we offer:

  •  Specially designed teaching materials for distance learning aimed at acquiring all skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing);
  •  Permanent teacher support - You will not be alone during your studies!
  •  Online classes (webinars) in groups and individually (choose time for your own consultation);
  •  Video lectures (video recordings explaining more complex topics);
  •  A wide range of online tasks that help you test your knowledge;
  •  Ability to pass an international ECL exam at a special price to your level.


Learning takes 6 months.
Beginning of training  - any time!
Duration of training - 6 months (in November, an option for FREE to prepare for the ECL exam, pass the exam and get an internationally recognized certificate)
Price - 69 EUR per month OR pay for the whole training course only 350.00!

Topics to be taught during the course:

  •  Introduction and saying hello
  •  Family and work
  •  Clothes and color
  •  Home
  •  Food and drinks
  •  Every day
  •  Free time
  •  Transport
  •  Sports
  •  Going out
  •  Wildlife
  •  Accidents



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