The Enrolment at Europe Distance Education Secondary School
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The Enrolment at Europe Distance Education Secondary School

Europe Distance Education Secondary School (EDESS) provides an opportunity to apply for studies all year round!

In EDESS you can resume your studies at any time! In order to enter Europe Distance Education Secondary School any time of the study-year you should submit the reference from your previous school or the extract of school results on your achievements in all the school subjects including the themes you have acquired and grades received.

Enrolment commission may suggest student’s independent individual learning plan by evaluating applicant's current knowledge, skills and psycho-emotional readiness. Student should be psychologically ready for the independent acquisition of curricula, should have a desire to perfect himself/herself and should possess the determination to progress the development of his/her personality and career.

Terms of Enrolment:

  • In Grade 10 the applicants are enrolled when they have completed their basic education level (there should be a certificate and an extract of school results).
  • In Grade 11 the applicants are enrolled on the basis of the Certificate of Basic Education and the School-Report of Grade 10 (where there is a record that the student has been promoted to Grade 11, the number of the order issued by the principal of the educational establishment, the seal of the educational establishment) or the certificate on the completion of studies at a vocational secondary school/vocational school (the applicant should have the reference on the number of classes corresponding to the programme);
  • In Grade12 the applicants are enrolled (see the information on the enrolment in Grade 11).

When Entering the Secondary School, You Should Submit:

  • Application (you fill out a form at the school).
  • Original documents of preliminary education.
  • Copy of the passport (you present the original; if you do not have the passport, you should present your birth certificate);
  • If you are an under-age person, submit the copy of your birth certificate (you present the original).
  • The document about the change of your surname (if you have changed your surname).
  • 1 photo (3x4 cm);

Payment for the processing of your application — 30.00 EUR