EDESS Headmaster’s Speech
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EDESS Headmaster’s Speech

Dear students, parents and supporters of the idea of distance education!

If you want to get a high quality education, chance to organise your own study schedule and study process, and to use modern technologies, we invite you to obtain a secondary education in Latvian and Russian in Europe Distance Education Secondary School!

I am proud that the Europe Distance Education Secondary School is Latvian high school that offers high quality secondary school education in Latvian and Russian language regardless of your residence.

2013/2014 was the first study year that is entered in the Latvian history when secondary education was also offered to foreign citizens. They are allowed to obtain the Latvian government’s issued certificate which is recognized by the European Union and anywhere else.

Thanks to the distance learning benefits we can arrange our students’ individualized studies that occupy a special place in your management and self-motivation. We provide flexibility in your learning process by providing the latest information on our specially created study environment. Communication technologies enter the educational system more and more. So we can ensure education programs according to each student's needs, preferences and interests.

Our students are athletes, models, new mothers, entrepreneurs, young people who have started their careers or who have difficulties to integrate into the traditional full-time education institution system. Mainly, our student can be anyone who wants to graduate secondary school regardless their age, residence or any other factor.

My experience confirms that our school can help anyone who has a desire to change his/her life and who knows what he/she wants to achieve!

Our school will provide you your freedom of choice!

If you know what you want, we know how to achieve it the most efficient way!

I invite you to enjoy your freedom and to obtain qualitative knowledge by using modern approach in Europe Distance Education Secondary School!

Europe Distance Education Secondary School’s Headmaster
Mg. Paed., MBA, Aija Bārzdaine