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EDESS Headmaster’s Speech

Dear students, parents and supporters of the idea of distance education!

The European Distance Education Secondary School is open to anyone who wants to obtain knowledge through a qualitative and modern form of education - distance learning.

Currently we offer students the opportunity to receive general secondary education, professional qualification improvement courses for teachers, and a chance for anyone to develop themselves by improving their Latvian or English language skills in online language courses.

We are a school that offers an individual approach to each student. We provide a modern learning process in a digital learning environment with an excellent support system.

If you want to have a quality education, improve your skills, use modern technologies in the learning process, and freely plan your time – join us!

Our students are athletes, models, new mothers, entrepreneurs, young people who have started their careers or who have difficulties to integrate into the traditional full-time educational institution system.

The advantage of distance learning is that we can organize the study process individually, respecting each student's time and self-motivation.

We ensure the flexibility of the learning process by providing the latest information on our specially programmed learning platform. With the implementation of newest technologies in education, we can ensure the satisfaction of the educational program in accordance with each individual’s needs, wishes, and interests.

My experience shows that anyone who wants to change their life, can study at our school. It depends on your goals and self-motivation! If you know what you want, we know how to achieve it most effectively!

Enjoy your freedom and choose the best quality knowledge in a modern way! Choose The European Distance Education Secondary School!

Headmaster of The European Distance Education Secondary School
Mg. paed., MBA Aija Bārzdaine