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European Distance Education Secondary school - ECL Examination centre!

European Distance Education Secondary school in cooperation with the ECL International Testing centre ECL CONSORTIUM FOR THE CERTIFICATE OF ATTAINMENT IN MODERN LANGUAGES offers the opportunity to obtain internationally recognized certificates for education and work.

Why choose the ECL exam?

  • ECL foreign language certificate is recognized throughout the EU without the need for additional approval in each country individually.
  • The content of the exam is in line with The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • After successfully passing the exam, you will receive internationally recognized certificate for education and work.
  • The exam takes place in a friendly atmosphere.
  • The examination is assessed on the basis of uniform principles and approbated evaluation methods.
  • This exam is financially the most friendly international exam.
  • The obtained exam certificate is open-ended.
  • The foreign language certificate issued by the ECL can replace the Latvian centralized foreign language exam (MK 543, 29.09.2015.)

What is the composition of the exam?

  • The exam assesses four skills: writing (reading, writing) and oral (listening and speaking).
  • Depending on the number of students, the written and the oral part can take place on one day or during a set week.
  • In each part of the examination, the maximum number of points to be awarded is 25 (with a maximum of 100 points for the whole exam). Each part has two tasks. To pass the exam, at least 40% (10 points) must be obtained in each section.
  • The oral part is in pairs! Students themselves decide with whom to talk in a pair, or are broken down according to the administration's instructions.

How to apply?

  • Fill in the application and sign the agreement [email protected]  |  +371 28328834;
  • Pay the exam fee of 98 EUR.

Preparing for the exam

  • EDESS will provide additional materials and work  that will help prepare for the exam.
  • In addition, face-to-face counseling will focus on the oral part and the course of the exam itself. You will be notified about it in a timely fashion!

APPLY TILL 15.05.2020.! EXAM DATES: LEVEL B1 AND C1 ON 19.06.2020.; B2 ON 20.06.2020.

APPLY TILL 30.10.2020.! EXAM DATES: LEVEL B1 AND C1 ON 04.12.2020.; B2 ON 05.12.2020.

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