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10th grade



What will the new state standard in secondary education change in 2020/2021?

Starting from 2020/2021. 10th grade students will start their studies in all Latvian schools according to the new state general secondary education standard.

The new secondary school model envisages the acquisition of study content at 3 levels:

  • General basic courses are a sufficient choice for comprehensive everyday education. General level basic courses are usually about twice as short as optimal level basic courses.
  • Acquisition of optimal level basic courses is important in areas that will be necessary for further studies at the university.
  • Advanced courses will be important to you in the areas with which you have the closest connection to your future plans and in which you will want to specialize.

What is a "course"?
The courses are the same subjects! In the new curriculum, courses are divided into three types:

  • basic,
  • advanced
  • specialized courses.

How will the learning process take place within the new standard?

  • The learning process at European Distance Learning High School will continue as before!
  • The student must complete three advanced courses.
  • In one of the chosen advanced courses, the student will have to do research, creative work or community service.
  • Compulsory final exams:
       - at the optimal level:
       - in Latvian;
       - in a foreign language (English or Russian);
       - mathematics;
       - as well as at the advanced level in two of the three advanced courses completed.

Basic courses are taught in grades 10 and 11, and advanced courses in grades 11 and 12 according to the school's timetable. It is planned to devote approximately 70% of the study time to the acquisition of basic courses, and approximately 30% of the study time to the acquisition of advanced and specialized courses.

All about the new curriculum: click here

Why choose The European Distance Education Secondary School?
In distance learning, each student:

  • learns in e-platform.
  • studies 3 subjects a month.
  • takes 2 assessments per subject.
  • has the possibility to take tests 24/7 from any location!
  • has the possibility to re-take tests!