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Upbringing as a part of the pedagogical process

Upbringing as a part of the pedagogical process 6 hours 08.12.2021.

Annotation: During the acquisition of the program, teachers improve their professional preparation for educational activities by acquiring positive educational methods that promote the development of skills necessary for the learner's successful life, expressions of free thinking and action; and improve the ability to work with the family to achieve common educational goals. (Corresponding Cabinet Regulation No. 480; 15.07.2016)

Topics to learn:

  1. Personality development as a goal of education.
  2. The purpose of upbringing - development of attitudes.
  3. Learning content and teaching methods as educational tools.
  4. Educational power of communication and emotional intelligence.

The program was agreed on March 25, 2020 in coordination no. RIMC-20-070

Fee 25 EUR +PVN

Airisa Šteinberga
Worked for more than 15 years as a teacher and class teacher. In 1997 received a doctorate in psychology, but since 2013 is a psychodrama specialist. Currently is working at RTU and teaches subjects of psychology for engineering students and manages various subjects - pedagogical psychology, pedagogical communication, upbringing psychology, psychological aspects of cooperation, classes in teacher professional development programs. Works as a psychologist - consultant with personality development, parent-child relationship and career development issues.

Project coordinator Laura Lika
phone +371 220 382 87