Psychology of a favorable learning environment
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Psychology of a favorable learning environment

 The European Distance Education Secondary School offers courses in the program
"Psychology of Favorable Learning Environment" - 10 hours, 21.11.2019.


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Course price is 25 EUR per participant, depending on the number of participants. The course is read in Latvian.

The environment can influence pupils' well-being and development both positively and negatively, which in turn affects the motivation of each individual's work, the ability to express themselves and the quality of work. A favorable school environment and a positive school physical and educational environment contribute to the psychological and physical well-being of students. The course will provide you with the knowledge and practical examples of the psychology of a favorable learning environment.


Airisa Šteinberga

Worked for more than 15 years as a teacher and class teacher. In 1997 received a doctorate in psychology, but since 2013 is a psychodrama specialist. Currently is working at RTU and teaches subjects of psychology for engineering students and manages various subjects - pedagogical psychology, pedagogical communication, upbringing psychology, psychological aspects of cooperation, classes in teacher professional development programs. Works as a psychologist - consultant with personality development, parent-child relationship and career development issues.





 Course Program:

  •      Teacher and learner communication;
  •      Mobing in classroom and educational institution;
  •      Students' aggression;
  •      Creating a positive and positive psychological environment.

The program is co-ordinated at the Riga Educational and Informative Methodological Center. RIIMC-17-014, 25.01.2017.

Course location: Lomonosova Street 1k-4, Riga.


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