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Personality development in modern society

The European Distance Education Secondary School offers a lecture
"Personality development of modern society" - 4 hours

Possibility to organize lectures in your premises.
Lecture price 25.00 EUR per participant
Apply: 22038287, kursi@eiropasskola.lv

Personal growth encourages and helps a person to create private and professional goals that will help to achieve the kind of life as he / she wants.

Lecture aim: to provide information about personality growth and to promote understanding of personality diversity and ability to evaluate and act according to the situation, respecting personality peculiarities.


Mg.psych. Arnis Kauķis

Marketing psychologist, lecturer, manager. With years of professional experience as a lecturer in business planning, management theory, personnel management, communication psychology as well as communication and motivation, stress management courses. Has participated and gained experience in various international projects as well as author of several books, among them: “Kā vadītājam saprasties ar padotajiem un kā padotajiem izprast vadītāju” (eng. - Ūnderstanding between manager and subordinates and vice versa", „Es gribu savu salonu” (eng. - “I want my salon”), “Pirmais iespaids vai kā panākt atkārtotu tikšanos” (eng. - “First impression or how to get 2nd appointment”).

Main topics of the seminar:

  •      Personality development
  •      Promoting meaningful and sustainable growth
  •      Become more confident, feel your value
  •      Get more effective

Lecture venue: Lomonosova 1k-4, Riga, or in your premises