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Effective change management

The European Distance Education Secondary School offers courses in the program
"Effective Change Management" - 8 hours

The cost of the course is 35 EUR+PVN  per participant, depending on the number of participants.
Ability to organize courses in your room. The course is read in Latvian
Apply: 22038287, kursi@eiropasskola.lv

The courses will help to improve the understanding of how to lead the team in the process of change, the need to identify changes in the environment and educational institutions in time, and how to manage their progress and achieve the intended results. You will learn how to create communication with change-oriented parties and develop effective teaching, knowledge and management processes that include business process planning and management, staffing and internal communication activities.


Mg.sc.soc. Edgars Čerkovskis

Lecturer at the School of Economics and Culture, with long-standing international experience in effective management, change management, and business planning and management theories. Lectures on labor market challenges.



Course Program:

  •     General development trends of education in EU countries and Latvia
  •     Effective change management
  •     Organizational culture
  •     Introducing change

The program is co-ordinated at Riga Education and Informative Methodological Center; RIMC-19-060, 27.02.2019.