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Upbringing Approaches in Education

"Upbringing Approaches in Education" - 6 hours, web lecture on 26.11.2021.

Apply: 22038287, kursi@eiropasskola.lv
The course costs 25 EUR + PVN per participant, depending on the number of participants.
Venue: 1k-4 Lomonosova Street, Riga, or at your premises

During the acquisition of the program, educators improve their professional readiness for upbringing by acquiring positive parenting techniques that promote the development of skills, free thinking and action necessary for the successful life of the learner; improves the ability to work with the family to achieve shared parenting goals. Participants will be encouraged to discuss what is needed to ensure student safety at school, to follow school documentation, and to meet student needs. (Corresponding Cabinet Regulation No. 480; 15.07.2016)


Ilze Jeļinska
An individually practicing sworn advocate, a lawyer from 2008 to date, specializes in child and juvenile defense.





Course Program:

  • Latest approaches in the upbringing process.
  • Responsibility of educational institutions and teachers in organizing and directing the educational process.
  • Teaching methods and methodological techniques for the development and implementation of rules of safety and order in the upbringing process.
  • Collaboration with parents, support staff, colleagues.