Collaboration with parents and family
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Collaboration with parents and family

The European Distance Education Secondary School offers courses in the program
"How to encourage co-operation with parents and family?" - 8 hours on 07.11.2019.

Course price 25 EUR per participant.
Possibility to organize courses in your premises. Course is read in Latvian.
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Positive, mutual respect between parents and educators is one of the most important preconditions for personal development. Parents of children play an important role in the successful integration of children into school and society as a whole. First of all, children learn in the family, so it is important for the school to continue the development of the child's personality, which has started in the family.
It is precisely school and family cooperation that is crucial for educators and support staff to gain understanding and skills in working with children in situations where behavioral influencing factors need to be assessed. Behavioral problems affect both the quality of teachers' work and children's learning, and not only those whose behavior is problematic, but the performance of all students in the classroom.



Airisa Šteinberga

Worked for more than 15 years as a teacher and class teacher. In 1997 received a doctorate in psychology, but since 2013 is a psychodrama specialist. Currently is working at RTU and teaches subjects of psychology for engineering students and manages various subjects - pedagogical psychology, pedagogical communication, upbringing psychology, psychological aspects of cooperation, classes in teacher professional development programs. Works as a psychologist - consultant with personality development, parent-child relationship and career development issues.




Course Program:

  •      Prerequisites for positive cooperation with parents
  •      Communication strategies for working with parents and family
  •      The role of the class teacher in promoting positive cooperation
  •      Creating innovative forms of cooperation and suggestions for promoting cooperation

The program is coordinated by Riga Education and Informative Methodological Center No.RIMC-18-002, 31.01.2018

Course location: Lomonosova Street 1k-4, Riga.

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