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  • 6th graduation of our school!

    At the end of June we celebrated the most beautiful event of the year!

  • Komandas darba vadīšanas ABC izglītības jomā

    Aicinām pilnveidot spējas sadarboties, organizēt un vadīt komandas darbu izglītības iestādē, apmeklējot neformālās izglītības programmu "Komandas darba vadīšanas ABC izglītības jomā", 80 stundu apjomā (50 stundas klātienē, 30 stundas tālmācībā).

  • TeT Riga Marathon

    Also this year the ETV team participated in the Tet Riga Marathon and shared a 6 km race together!

  • Renārs KrastenbergsI chose to study in the Europe Distance Education Secondary School because finally I can combine daily workouts and trainings abroad with my study process. I suggest you to study in this secondary school, if your daily life engages sport or work!

  • Lučija Marija ŠvaneI believe that everyone should try distance learning, because it saves time and the amount of information that is obtained. Therefore, free time can be devoted to all things that are so much of interest and allow one to grow no less than a regular school. Do not be afraid of the unknown and new and accept the challenges!

  • Olga JakušinaI suggest you to choose the Europe Distance Education Secondary School because the school's friendly administration will help you on a daily basis and also will support the learning process. With distance learning I can devote myself to intense trainings, trips to sport camps and competitions.

  • Valters Jānis FrickaussThanks to the study process in the Europe Distance Education Secondary School I have the opportunity to combine school with my biggest passion - dancing. Thank you for an excellent opportunity to study according to an individual schedule!

  • AnastasiaI chose distance learning and specifically the European Distance Education Secondary School because I wanted to organize my own time. It was important to me that I could not only spend time learning, but also work, travel, and attend various additional courses that were of interest to me. I could perfectly plan my time, feel free, so I think it was a great choice! Although most of the learning is self-taught, this certainly was not an obstacle, as there was an opportunity to visit online webinars, counseling, and on any question to contact teachers who are very helpful. Regardless of whether it is a business day, a holiday or an evening, there was always a prompt answer! Also, for all those who have not yet decided on the good of distance learning, I recommend not to be afraid and try! Also, for me distance education was something new and unknown, but, as a result, I have received only the best experience from the European Distance Education Secondary School.